Rett's Writing

Poetry Stories


The flicker of a memory,
a thought on which we dwell,
a time, a place,a feeling, or thought,
maybe something someone did?
Whatever it is we hear or heard,
whatever it is we see,
it mattered in the life we live,
it mattered to you and me.
And if from that day on you ever recall,
the time gone by in this life,
not with years but with memories,
the time would seem long
with one more day not totally gone.
One more day not meaningless or blank,
but a day with a memory.



I wish I could write,
without thinking at all,
just sit and relax,
just do what I like,
and write what I think,
without thinking at all.

I wonder what he meant,
when he said what he meant.

To work in our play,
we think what we want,
we do what we want,
and we play while at work.

To think too hard is to worry,
to think not at all shows no care,
but to think just right,
is to think what we like,
and just simply have fun,
while we¼re there.


The Time Is Passing Slowly

The time is passing slowly,
the voice is droning on.
Sleep is coming slowly,
I close my eyes and yawn.

The time is passing slowly,
my head is gaining weight.
I lay it down onto my arm,
and take another break.

The time is passing slowly,
my consciousness is gone.
I hope this doesn't come up,
on a test later on...


The Adventures of The Funky Weasel

Millions of Goldfish play dead for Pepsi! Whenever you try to drink a Coca Cola you are attacked by Polar Bears! Is this chaotic world the product of selfish corporate weasels? Who knows!? The Funky Weasel knows! Defender of good corporate marketing ideas, he promotes good products everywhere!

The Funky Weasel fly's off to Pepsi headquarters. It's a huge glass skyscraper, the shimmering blue glass seeming to rise up to the Heavens. Mr. Weasel flies to the top floor and crashes through the window into the lavishly furnished office of the head of Pepsi's marketing, John Heart. The Funky Weasel turns on his hidden tape recorder and starts interrogating Mr. Heart, who was so surprised by the sudden entrance that he just answered right back wholeheartedly. When the Funky Weasel was finished with the "interview" he thanked Mr. Heart and leapt out the window.

The Funky Weasel decided that the corrupt marketers would stop using the evil ads only if they were bribed. So he decided to ask Ross Perot for money and sell a hoax story to the star.

He went to Ross Perot and asked for money. After the Funky Weasel explained what he was going to do with the money he was given $10,000. But that wasn't enough.

He made up a ridiculous story about Sock's, Mr. Clinton's cat, having bladder problems. The Funky Weasel made a few fake pictures on his laptop PowerBook, called the story "Waterfall" and sold it to the Star ananomously for $50,000.

Mr. Weasel took the money and went to the many corrupt marketing executives. He had just enough to bribe all of them into stopping the evil ad campaigns. But, he hadn't made any money yet, and what adventure ends without the hero getting some loot?

The Funky Weasel, satisfied that his mission was complete, sold the movie, book, and TV rights of his adventure. Then, with the money, he bought a new costume that didn't have tights.

The End.