by chris Hickman


I decided to look through your son's web site (this goes to Charles and Dana Nearburg -- Rett's parents, right?) tonight as I was explaining to my Aunt and Uncle via e-mail how my wife and I chose our son's name.

Less than a year ago, Meagan Williams became my roommate.  She was very close to Rett and had told me many many things about him.  I came to know Rett by the stories that she would tell me.

It was not long -- perhaps one or two months after we became roommates that she received the horrible news of Rett's death.  She was so incredible grieved at his passing -- she attending his funeral with her Aunt Janice who Rett had travelled to Keller to visit with Meagan.

Meagan and I married on July 16th of this year and she's pregnant!  We came up with the name 'Alistair Hickman' (as my last name is Hickman!) and it took us several months to think of a last name.  She was telling me stories about Rett and how much I would have enjoyed his company (I enjoyed reading his not-really-a-blog blog this evening) and I realized that it would be extremely appropriate for her to honor her friend by having her son share his middle name -- so I suggested it and it was a winner!

Meagan's e-mail address is -- perhaps you might want to say hello.  I'm sure she would be thrilled to talk to you guys -- she's talked of how much she would like to drive to Dallas and have lunch or something with you, but as she is pregnant, working, and with so many life changes - it's become one of those things that come up in conversation but is harder to initiate the more that time passes.

I hope that you will find this little note interesting and know that I'm taking fantastic care of Meagan -- I think that Rett would have liked to have known that =)

- Chris Hickman



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