by jeff buck

I knew Rett a short time while I was in Dallas working for his dad on his
race cars.  I think that it was the first night that I was there and they
invited me to have dinner with the family and I sat next to Rett.  Although
he was quite young at the time (at least I was older), I remember him as
someone extremely comfortable with strangers.  It was the kind of bold
comfort that comes from someone who is comfortable with himself.  Anyway,
Charlie said that I would be around for the summer and Rett proceeded to do
his own due diligence and check me out by pulling back my ears to make sure
that I was clean behind them...  What a kid.  I have read a bunch of the
letters on the site and I am very touched by what an amazing man Rett has
become.  Thank you all for the thoughts, feelings, and remembrances left
here.  They are inspiring.  They are energizing.  They are raw and real and
beautiful.  They have allowed me to connect the boy that I knew only briefly
with the intense respect I have for his father and family that has grown
over the years as I remember my experiences with them.  I love the example
Rett sets for me as he now lives in my thoughts.  Thank you, I am a bit
better of a person now and I am going to go kiss my wife and going to go
live a bit fuller of a life.   

Much love to the Nearburgs.





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