by vickie hurst

Dear Nearburg Family,
WOW!!!!  That is all I can think of to say......WOW!!!  You don't know me.....I was searching the obit page today, for information on services for a friend, when my glance inadvertently fell on Rett's memorial.  I was inexplicably drawn by your invitation to his web site.  I have never, repeat NEVER, ventured into an unknown person's private family space before today.  No coincidences....obviously led by God......what a loss to the human race, and such a boon to the Heavenly heart goes out to all of you....such an AMAZING and glorious young blessed you were.....thank you for sharing who he was with me, a complete stranger.  And I believe that I totally got, in these poignant vignettes, a great feel for who he was.  Almost like his spirit sort of moved through me for a split second......I feel so proud of him on so many levels, and proud for you, as family to him.  How blessed you have been.  And all the more magnified your loss.    I have had real trepidation about sending you this email, but my belief is that you want to get out the message to any and all how incredible your son was.  My response is just one more validation of your efforts.  Rett lives on!  Thank you, Lord!  Rett was a person you simply could not afford to miss.  Because of your wonderful generosity I have not had to.  I will keep you all in my prayers.  What jewels you all are to have raised such a man!

May God bless and keep you always!

Vickie Hurst
Dallas, Texas



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