by dan meyer

Dear Rett
It has been a year since you left us for a better place.  Your parents and sister seem to be doing well considering you are not as readily available to challenge us.  It does seem like just yesterday when we met in my office.  I was amazed by your stories of that infected gortex in your incision and how you would whittle away at it with your exacto knife.  Yes, you knew no fear.  You were so very brave to try all of those phase one drugs, not knowing if they would help you, but realizing that in the long run, they would help someone else.  And all of this without ever complaining or asking why me.  You looked on to the next challenge and of course, the next new electronic device. 

These next few days will be very hard on your family.  Please look down on them and give them encouragement, just like you did when you were here with us.  We all wish and stri! ve to have your strength, your attitude, your wit, charm, and sensitivity.    It will never be easy for your family at these times, but know that they love you and are so lucky to have you in their lives, as we all are.

Until we talk again Rett.

Your friend and doctor
Dan Meyer



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