by yumi vong

First submission

Dear Mr.& Mrs.Nearburg--
My name is Yumi Vong and I am a graduating senior at
MICA. I was Rett's R.A. freshman year and his passing
has influenced me even to this day. I did not get to
know your son very well, but he was everything a
student here should be. I pray for his spirit every
night and hope everyone is doing well. I am doing an
art project for one of my classes and the subject is :
Seeing as Rett has been a surrounding influence in my
thoughts along with other people who have passed on at
MICA, I was wondering if I could use some of the words
spoken in Mr.Nearburg's testimony for my piece? 
If not, I understand, but I would at least commemorate
him anonymously.
Thank you for your time and good luck!
Sincerely, Yumi Vong

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Second Submission

Hi Dana!
So I didn't end up using the sentence I picked from
the speech, but I commemorated Rett along with Ash
(from Rett's class as well) and Dominic (who passed
away at the end of the semester). Thank you so much
for understanding and being open!
It was very comforting to create these pieces. These
wings are behind the Fox Building at MICA. 
I hope your family has a wonderful holiday and a happy
new year!
Sincerely, Yumi!






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