by diana hutcheson

It is providential that I happened to buy the newspaper Sunday, and then that I read the obituaries. Rett has been on my heart of late quite a bit, although I must say, I do think of him often throughout each school year. You can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was for me to see his picture once again and get to read the lovely remembrance by family once again.

Rett continues to live on and is a treasure in my heart! His bravery in the face of cancer was outstanding. Of the people I have known with dread diseases, Rett was the most fearless- and so young! He was not living frenetically afraid he would run out of time, but he lived seemingly without effort - fully enjoying each day to the utmost. Caring for others was what Rett did best. He treasured his friends and they were always close at hand via computer, phone, and in person when possible. Here at school, Rett continually amazed me with his easy grace, tenacious endurance, and intentional social life in spite of the negative effects of the chemo therapy. Rett did not withdraw in the face of his challenges, rather, like a natural champion, he advanced. The gracious, unpretentious, and intentional way Rett lived each day without fear in the face of death will not be forgotten by those who were privy to it. Rett is a candle whose glow and warmth will live on in the hearts of those who were/are warmed by his flame.



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