by Alex Bell

Rett and I were easy friends because we enjoyed many of the same things, namely cars and computers. He knew more than me on both subjects but just seemed happy someone was near his level. We talked frequently about his latest technological endeavors in every technical detail, which I usually understood. He also took the time to explain to me if I didn’t, which he didn’t do for most people. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just he wouldn’t bother people with details they didn’t want or need to understand. He was always up to something new. It was as though his brain never rested.

There is so much that Rett introduced me to in life. I started a list, but it isn’t nearly complete:
Music: Fatboy slim, Moby, Old 97s
Cars: the Ford Ranchero, Mustang Convertibles
Art night
Clove Cigarettes (as a rare treat)
Hotline (an online community service)
The inner-workings of computers
Sarcasm (more of a smartass attitude that you couldn’t get mad about because you knew he was always right, which made it all the more frustrating...)
Friends I would have never met on my own
My own ignorance in many areas

Rett became part of who I am, from the witty traces of sarcasm and comebacks honed by his presence, to my appreciation for all that is artistic and beautiful in the world. Every time I catch a hint of cloves or see a Mac sitting on someone’s desk, it’s like he’s left little footprints throughout my life just to remind me that he was there; almost as if he’d planned it that way. It would have been so very like him …