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Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 8:04 am 

hello. i'm rett. i have a lot of stories to tell, especially about cancer. sometime, when i feel like it, i'll post them.

for now i'll be brief. i was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma in 1994. i've had 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 major surgeries on my left chest wall area. my original tumor was growing around my seventh rib, but i've had 4 or 5 or 6 recurences in the same general area. i've had all sorts of heavy duty chemos and radiation, but those drugs are beginning to seem like a thing of the past.

i'm currently on a phase 1 drug trial at the CTRC in San Antonio. i'm on this crazy new gene therapy that so far seems to be working, extremely well, with almost no side effects. i don't think it'd be a stretch to say that this drug is cure for cancer (atleast for me...). anyway. due to the nature of the fact that the drug is working, and that it has no side effects i'll probably stay on it for atleast 12 more months. the drug is currently unavailable to the general public, so i have to spend every other week in san antonio at the CTRC. somewhat inconvinient, but surely worth the trouble.

i just went on the fall '04 retreat, and although i've known about this website for a while i've never been active here. that's gonna change.

*some side facts : i'm 21 right now, i was born on july first 1983.
*i dropped out of highschool twice, and got a GED (with honors)
*i plan on being studio artist, straight up. no teaching, no working for anyone, just doing my thing then selling it for wads of cash.

rett nearburg