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  1. Name you wish you had? Bob
  2. Age? 15
  3. Nicknames? No one ever makes up nicknames for "rett" i guess it's just too short.
  4. Birthday? July 1st
  5. Siblings? Sister, Anna (12)
  6. Name one bad quality? i'm_perfect...
  7. Which parent do you get along better with? Dunno. Different, not better with one or the other.
  8. Which parent are you most like? prolly more like mom. other than the fact that she's a girl.
  9. What time is it right now? 10:10pm
  10. Whats the longest you talked on the phone with a person? probably 3 hours.
  11. What is on your desk? schoolwork, cd cases, photos, everything.
  12. What is your biggest wish @ the moment? For things to workout for landon so we can be together more.
  13. How many cds do you own? Prolly bout 80
  14. What was the last one you bought? Ben Folds Five : Unauthorized Biography Of Reinseller
  15. Which one do you listen to the most? Right now, smashing pumpkins... overall... 3rd eye blind
  16. What radio station do you listen to the most? radio sucks.:)
  17. What color underwear are you wearing right now? mmm. these blue boxers with a smiley sticking it's tongue out.
  18. What do you smell? nothingness.
  19. What magazines do you get? wired, spin, some dorky computer mags.
  20. What was the last movie you saw in theatres? forces of nature
  21. What perfume/cologne do you use? Banana Republic (my grandma gave it to me)
  22. Have you ever had a weekend/summer fling? heh. kinda.
  23. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 13
  24. What do you usually do after school? computer, phone, music
  25. Who do you sit near in English? lindsey hughes and christe rensler
  26. Quick turn on the radio.. .what song is playing? who cares? (radio sucks)
  27. Who do you hate most now? greenhill school.
  28. Who is sants? wtf?
  29. Whats the funniest convo you've ever had chatting and with w/who? not sure...
  30. What girls names do you like (for your kids)? adelynne
  31. Boys names? elija
  32. What's the background on your comp right now? this cool 3d city at night.
  33. Are you tickilish? if i want to be.
  34. If you could change one thing about your appearence... I could use a few more pounds.
  35. What's your fave feature? eyes. always.
  36. Can you sing? i can try.
  37. Can you sing well? hah. no. (but landon thinks i can)
  38. Whats your opinion on richard simmons? isn't he that gay workout video guy?
  39. Close your eyes and point... landon's house is that way...
  40. Wish you had longer or shorter hair? little bit shorter. but that's easy to do.
  41. Do you feel ill at the moment? kinda.
  42. Do you think someone is mad at you at the moment? nope.
  43. Are you thinking about someone right now? yah.
  44. WHO? landon
  45. Words/sayings you use waaaay too much???? "like"
  46. Future Location: here. i love texas.
  47. Goals/Ambitions: enjoy life.

4 Letter Word: shit
Actor/Actress: uhm. Don’t have one.
Athletes: m. jordan.
Book: any steinback.
Candy : peanut m&ms and skittles
Cartoon: simpsons, daria, futurama
Cereal: ick.
Chewing Gum: sugary stuff.
Color: sky blue
Day of Week: sunday
Least Fave Day: tuesday
Drink (Alcoholic): no thanks.
Drink (Nonalcoholic) : coke
Fruit: peaches ;)
Holiday: anything with fire. Hour of Day: 4am
Number: 13
Place/Town : san fran.
Quote/Saying : live for today School Subject: math
Sport to Watch: spanish soccer
Sport Teams: pro sports suck
TV Channel: fox


Heaven/Hell: do either exist?
Kissing/Hugging: hugging
Love/Lust: Love
Smiling/Laughing: smiling
Do you believe in love at first sight? not exactly
Do you have a crush on a school mate/coworker? nopers.
Do you want children one day & if so how many? 2 or 3
Something that makes you jealous about the opposite sex: they have bigger breasts.
Most important thing to you in a friendship: understanding
Dye your hair any color in the past? blonder (kirby *cough*)


Criminal Record: nope.
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork? fingers. always.
Do you ever write your name with the last name of your crush? uh. not really.
Do you gossip? guys don't gossip.
Do you speak any other languages? i love spanish.
Pick a song title that best describes you: (requires thought... will ignore)
The meaning of life is: who knows?
Something you look forward to: being with landon
Fave. Type of music: anything from the heart.
hair color: brown
eye color: green
height: 5 7" (or 5' 3" with heels)
what color would you dye your hair? well. i dunno, but kirby died it blond-er.
any piercings? nah.
any piercings you want? ack. earing maybe.
Po or LaLa?: lala
lion king or Aladdin? the little mermaid.
'98 or '99?: '99
back massage or hot tub? back rub in a hot tub.
Bugs Life or Rugrats? bugs life
Dawson's Creek or Felicitiy: fuck 'em both.
Dawson or Pacey? n/c
Jen or Joey? uhm. ?
Boxers or Briefs? boxers
summer or winter? summer
Winnie the pooh or tiger? tigger
Venus or Uranus? mars.
checks or plaid? neither.
do you kiss with your eyes open/close/or peek? close
Hablas Espanol? whenever possible
crushes biggest flaw? failing in love with me... (: no seriously, she's flawless.