Rett's Happy Little Home Page

Welcome to My Happy Little Home Page

I'm making a whole new web page from scratch! This page should be dead by the end of May. The new one will be twice as good though. See the beginnings of it now!

This page is under construction at the moment, and lots of stuff doesn't work right. Please send me an e-mail about it if you can tell me how to fix any of it. It should all be working soon...

Also, atleast once a week I modify this page and upload the new version, so try to check back periodically for new stuff.
Plans for the future include : An updated links section, Frames - done!, More files, And something of any relavence at all to the real world...
Stuff Added Recently : My Favorites Section, Favorite Music and Books Lists, Frames!

I just completed my Avara clan's home page. Check it out Now!

Get my first two Avara levels, I need beta testers.

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