About Puck

Puck considers himself an Avara master-in-the-making. He likes to use grenades, but will not hesitate to use missiles in the right situation. He is 13 years old and, like most of the Death Storm clan, lives in Dallas, Texas. He is the maker of the Death Storm homepage and personally believes that HTML is the Devil in programming language form. His Favorite Levels are Bwadi and Choke, although everynow and then he likes to cool off in the icebox. While he is playing Avara he likes to listen to U2, R.E.M., and Verve Pipe.

About the Character Puck in Mythology

If you were to look up Puck in the dictionary it would say :
Puck - n. A mischievous sprite in English folklore.
Puck is also a character in Shakespeare's play "A Mid Summer Night's Dream". In "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" Puck narrates the story, and goes around playing pranks and making mischief, and all in all has a good time.
And that's about right. I'm mischievous, I play pranks, but however I personally am not a sprite, well atleast last time I checked.

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