About Rett

Rett finds himself very funny. He is a thirteen year old 7th grader, who lives in Dallas, Texas. He spends way to much time on his upgraded PowerMac 6100, playing such games as Avara and Escape Velocity. He recently learned to snowboard over Spring Break, and loves it; he can't wait till next year to hit the lifts again. He has a N64 and a PlayStation, and is desperately waiting for the newest game in the Final Fantasy series (FFVII), which is coming out on PlayStation. His favorite sports are Soccer and Snowboarding, and when he's not playing either of those he's playing baseball or football. He spends way to much time working on this web page, especially considering no one in there right mind would come here by choice. He is always in need of more money (who isn't), and would appreciate donations. If you are to cheap to help him in this, at least send him a nice e-mail. blah balh bhal bahl labh bhal...

About Puck

Puck is the alias Rett uses when he plays Avara. Puck is an intermediate to advanced avara player. He likes grenades, a red light hector, and 1x1 games. His favorite levels are Bwadi, Icebox, and Choke. He is a member of the Death Storm clan and can be found playing with them every day at 8:00 pm central time. Puck is also the creator of the Death Storm Home Page (That would explain why it's in his webspace...)