Rett's EV Plug-Ins

EV Fire Kestrel
EV Fire Kestrel is a EV Plug-In that adds the Fire Kestrel and some associated weapons and ships to EV. It also adds a few missions with a plot that revolves around Antinoda and the development of the fire Kestrel. The Fire Kestrel is like a Kestrel except it is more powerful and looks cooler.

EV Destroyer
EV Destroyer creates a ship called a Destroyer. The Destroyer cost 100 credits and comes in Kestrel, Rebel Destroyer, Rebel Cruiser, Confederate Frigate, Confederate Cruiser, and Pirate Kestrel versions. The Destroyer is virtually invicible and has tons of weapons and ammo, including a Eagle Fighter Bay that launches Eagle Fighters. Eagle Fighters are a special type of fighter made just for the Destroyer. And all of this is intergrated perfectly into EV.