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ok. here's the scoop.

about the site in general : this is my website. it's my distribution network for my digital art and a soapbox to rant from. it's not a blog. this site was started in 1997 which doesn't seem that old but i guess it is. it was before blogs anyway. my site and it's content are in a constant state of flux. stay tuned.

everything here is mine* : all rights reserved. anything and everything on this site is for personal non-commercial use only. no re-distribution of any kind allowed without explicit permission (ask via e-mail). be cool. just enjoy my work. don't try and make money off of it or pass it off as yours. if you do i will hunt you down and kill you. i'm very protective of my work.

old websites : i wasn't always this good at web page design. heh. scary stuff.

old news files : cause i'm not cool enough to make a php script to do all this stuff for me

*except stuff i took from other places... shhh.

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